Online Disclosure

Online Banking Service Agreement

The following terms and conditions apply to Classic Bank's Personal Internet Banking and Business Internet Banking Online Banking and Bill Pay ("Services"). This Service Agreement also documents your consent to conduct transactions electronically; and to receive periodic statements, and disclosures, notices and other communications ("Notices") regarding Classic Bank's products and services electronically (if you choose electronic delivery).

In order to utilize the online Services, you must have an eligible account. Eligible accounts for Internet Banking include Classic Bank checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, IRAs, consumer or commercial loan accounts. Eligible accounts for Classic Bank's Bill Pay service include Classic Bank checking accounts, savings accounts and money market accounts. Federal law restricts the number of transfers from savings accounts and money market accounts to no more than six per month.

Once you consent to the Online Banking Service Agreement you will be able to use electronic "Services". If you do not agree, you will not be able to use "Services", receive on-line statements, "Notices", or apply to open accounts on-line.

Electronic Delivery Consent

If you choose to receive online statements and electronic Notices, you have the right to withdraw your consent to receive such at any time by canceling your enrollment in the service. You can do this from the Customer Service section of Online Banking. There is no fee to withdraw your consent to receive online statements and electronic Notices and begin receiving them in paper form.

To receive your statements and Notices electronically, you will need access to a computer that satisfies the minimum web browser requirements for online banking (Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer). You must also have Adobe 6.0 or newer to view statements and Notices in PDF format. Additionally, you will need access to a printer or the ability to download the information, in order to keep copies for your records. By consenting, you understand and agree that you can meet these requirements.

We reserve the right to deliver periodic statements and "Notices" on paper rather that electronically.

If you wish to receive a paper copy of a disclosure or other information that is delivered to you electronically, please call

254.697.6461, or email, or write to Classic Bank, P. O. Box 835 Cameron, Texas 76520. Please be as specific as possible regarding the information you are requesting, but do not include nonpublic personal information such as account numbers or Social Security Numbers in email, as it is not secure. Statements and notices will only be mailed to the address we have on file. There is no fee to request a paper copy of a regulatory notice or a copy of the terms and conditions and fees on your account. If you wish to have a paper copy of a statement or check mailed to you, normal research fees will apply.

You are responsible for providing us with updated contact information, such as changes in your email address. You can update and change your email address at any time from the Customer Service section of Online Banking.

Online Banking functionality

Funds Transfers

You may perform unlimited transfers between eligible accounts. You may not make more than six (6) transfers per month from any savings or money market account. All transfers conducted prior to 10:00 PM CT will process on that business day.

Balance Inquiries

You may use online banking to check balances on all deposit and loan accounts.

Account Services

You may use online banking to view copies of checks and deposit account statements, place stop payments on checks, set up account alerts, and download account information to Microsoft Money, Intuit Quicken, or Intuit Quickbooks.

External Transfers

External transfers allow qualified customers to electronically transfer money between eligible deposit accounts at Classic Bank and other financial institutions that are located in the United States and have a valid ABA routing number. If you use the External Transfer Service, you represent and warrant that you are the owner of the account(s) selected for the External Transfer Service and /or you have been authorized by the owner of the accounts to use this service. External Transfer Services are subject to application and approval once eligibility period has been completed.

• You may use external transfers only to make transfers to and from your eligible Classic Bank accounts and any eligible checking, savings, or money market accounts at Approved Financial Institutions, from which accounts you must be authorized to make withdrawals and you have verified your ownership (Verified Account).

• When you transfer funds from a Verified Account at any financial institution to your eligible Classic Bank account, the funds will not be available for your use or withdrawal until three (3) business days after the transfer is conducted even if the transfer is reflected in your current balance.

• You may only make transfers to and from your eligible Classic Bank accounts and Verified Accounts at other financial institutions for which you have authority to do so.

• In any one business day, the total aggregate amount of all transfers to Verified Accounts from eligible Classic Bank accounts cannot exceed $2,500.00. In any one business day, the total aggregate amount of transfers from Verified Accounts to eligible Classic Bank accounts cannot exceed $2,500.00. Other restrictions apply and will be disclosed to you upon approval of External

Transfer Services. We may change limits and restrictions at any time without prior notice.

• We may terminate your access to the External Transfer Service without prior notice if:

o Any of your accounts with Classic Bank are not in good standing

o You have had any External Transfers canceled, revoked or incomplete due to insufficient funds, stop payments, revoked authorizations, frozen accounts, or any other event that creates an unanticipated liability for Classic Bank.

Online Statements

You may opt to receive your periodic account statement electronically. You can enroll for on-line statements by going to the Statement Tab under the Account Tab in Internet Banking. Once this option is selected, your next periodic statement notice will be sent electronically to the email address on record.

Bill Pay service functionality:

Make Payments

You may make or schedule payments as needed. Payments can only be made to payees within the US and its territories. You can make payments to personal payees.

Automatic Payments

You may set up payments to pay automatically on an ongoing basis. You set up the frequency, amount and timing of the payment. The amount is fixed and will not change unless you manually change it.

Payment Processing

You authorize us to follow your payment instructions. We will deduct your payment from your designated account on the "Send on Date" or up to two business days after the "Send on Date". For Automatic Payments we will deduct your payment from your account on the "Start Date" or up to two business days after the Start Date. We will then initiate payments to Payees. To ensure on-time payments, allow at least 3-5 business days to process most payments; and 7-10 days to process payments by check.

Bill Pay Timing

Bill payment made by 8:00 PM CT Monday through Friday will process on that business day. Payments scheduled on a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday will auto adjust to the next business day.

Bill Pay Alerts

Customers are automatically alerted by email when the following situations occur:

Funding accounts are set to a pending status for bill payments, payment cancelled because of customer activity, payment cancelled because of exception conditions, and debit returns. All alerts will include the reason that the payment is being cancelled and returned.

You are responsible for having sufficient and available funds on deposit to make payments and transfers on scheduled dates. We may deduct payments or transfers from your designated account in conjunction with any of the above listed services, even if such creates an overdraft. You are liable for all applicable overdraft fees.

Mobile Banking

All terms and conditions applicable to Online Banking apply to Mobile Banking. Mobile Banking allows you to access your deposit and loan accounts at Classic Bank via a mobile phone device. You will only be able to access account information on accounts that are tied to your Classic Bank Internet Banking account. This includes Balance Inquiries, Mini Statements, and Transfers. All bill pay accounts (payees) must be set up in Online Banking Bill Pay prior to making payments through Mobile Banking. Classic Bank does not charge a fee to use Mobile Banking. You may be assessed charges for access and texts through your phone service provider. Check with your phone service provider for details on specific fees and charges.

There are three types of Mobile Banking: the downloadable application, the browser application, and the text message (SMS) banking method. You will register for mobile banking on your mobile device. You can download the app from the iTunes or Google Play Stores. You can also access the mobile web application at This mobile site will be redirected to a secure site address of<238>/en. SMS text banking is also available by selecting the service within the Customer Service tab within your Classic Bank Internet Banking account. You will utilize your Classic Bank Internet Banking User ID and Password to access your Mobile Banking account.

If you lose your phone, report the loss to your mobile carrier to stop service to your phone. Do not report the phone loss to the bank.

If you require assistance for mobile banking, please contact 24/7 customer support at 1-877-580-0235.

You are responsible for obtaining, installing, maintaining and operating all necessary hardware, software, and Internet accessibility necessary to use these services. Classic Bank is not responsible for failures from the malfunction of your hardware, software or Internet access services. We require your browser to be, at a minimum, 128-bit encryption enabled.If you believe that your Personal or Business Internet Banking ID is subject to unauthorized use or that an unauthorized transaction may be or has been made from a Classic Bank eligible checking account, contact our Internet Banking Department immediately at 800.789.6461, 254.697.6461, or

We reserve the right to terminate any of the above Services provided to you without notice to you for any reason (except where such notice is required by Law) including, without limit, if you do not comply with this Service Agreement or the agreements governing your Deposit or Loan Accounts. Termination of the Service Agreement will cancel any scheduled Transfers and Payments. After 90 consecutive days of inactivity, whether or not there are any scheduled Transfers or Payments pending, your User ID will be revoked. You will need to contact Internet Banking support at 800.789.6461 or 254.697.6461 to have your User ID re-activated.

This Service Agreement, as it may be amended from time to time, together with any other disclosures or other documents incorporated herein by reference (including but not limited to, the Account Disclosures), contains the entire agreement between you and the Bank and supersedes all oral conversations, other communications, and previous agreements, if any, with regard to these services.