Other Services

24-Hour Bank-By-Phone Service

We are pleased to provide Classic Bank 24-Hour Bank-By-Phone Service at no charge. Customers can check account balances, transfer funds, or make loan payments via a touch-tone telephone. Information is available in English and Spanish. Call 866.421.2289 for additional assistance.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Our convenient safe deposit boxes help protect your valuables. Size and availability vary by location, and pricing discounts are available with certain checking products. Contact us for details.

Wire Transfers

If you need to get the money there quickly and easily, wire it. Wire transfer services are available to Classic Bank customers and are subject to certain fees and conditions.

Cashier's Checks and Money Orders

When personal checks or cash are not accepted, use a Money Order or a Cashier's Check as a payment instrument. You can use a Money Order or Cashier's check to make purchases, pay bills, and more.