Make the most of your money with a high interest savings account, a fixed rate CD, and much more. Whether you're saving for a specific goal or setting aside funds for the future, we've got long and short-term accounts and options.

  • Statement Savings

    Once you set your goals, it's amazing how quickly you can build your investment.

    • Save for the future
    • Free Internet Banking & Bill Pay
  • Money Market

    Earn a market rate of interest with your savings from our Money Market account.

    • Free Internet Banking & Bill Pay
    • $2,500 minimum balance
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

    Make investment easy and automatic with an IRA that offers possible tax advantages.

    • Competitive rates
    • 12 to 18 month accounts
  • Certificate of Deposits

    Grow your investment while keeping it completely secure with a consistent rate.

    • FDIC insured
    • Competitive rate
  • Minor Savings

    Now is the time to start teaching your kids the value of saving money.

    • Save for the future
    • Free Internet Banking
    • $100 minimum to open