Other Financial Fraud

Advanced Fee Fund Scam, Nigerian Letter "419" Scam, or Third Party Receiver of Funds Scam

Each of the scams listed above all share a common thread. The proposals are unsolicited, emphasize the urgency and confidentiality of the deal, and require the victim to pay various government and legal fees and taxes before receiving what turns out to be nonexistent money.

Recommendations to avoid such scams:

  • If the "opportunity" appears too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Do not reply to emails asking for personal banking information.
  • Be wary of individuals representing themselves as foreign government officials or a relative of a king or prince.
  • Be cautious when dealing with individuals outside of your own country.
  • Beware when asked to assist in placing large sums of money in overseas bank accounts.
  • Do not believe the promise of large sums of money for your cooperation.
  • Do not agree to accept and wire payments for auctions that you did not post.
  • Guard your account information carefully.
  • Be cautious when additional fees are requested to further the transaction.

Currency and Counterfeits